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that found at least $10 million in gold coins owe millions in taxes. >> their discovery was just made public, but we know the gold country couple found the coins last year. according to the tax code, people that find property that have been lost or abandoned have to pay on their loot. they may have to pay about half of it, about $5 million, in state or federal taxes. >> i would still take the $5 million left. >> yeah. >> things continue to develop, just in the past 5:00 there has been a marine warning issued off of the coast of san francisco. visibility reduced with heavy rain falling and even potential for a waterspout as we head through the next couple minutes with this particular storm, as you can see from our vantage point, off towards the coast. let's get right to it and show you what it looks like on the radar. it's not that impressive looking. just a few minutes ago there was a lot of red and purple. it is weakenning, but as it moves to the north, there is instability in the atmosphere. so the potential for strong hail, even some gusty winds, exist with this system as it moves north.
found the $10 million of gold coin owe millions in taxes. >> though the discovery was made public we know the couple found the coin last year. according to the tax code people who find property that's lost or abandoned have to pay taxes on that loot. that means the couple may have to pay more than half of the $5 million -- is it half of 5 million? >> it's a lot. it's what, about 37, 39%. whatever it is. where you feel you should be taxed until you become wealthy. let's check the microclimate weather. a live look at san francisco and head south to fremont, here's fremont. we'll get an update, there is fremont on the rain with christina loren. meanwhile, mike is the man of the hour. good morning. >> good morning. exactly. trying to escape the flooding but there is so much. we're looking here, this is west 580, the headlights, soupy conditions. most of these shots similar to one another because we zoomed in so you can see all of the water. that's to faem size the fact no matter where you go in the bay, west 580. the blue on the maps, remember that's the weather data, road weather index,
are softening. >>> hayward asking voters to decide whether to raise the city's sales tax by half a cent. if approved on the june 3rd ballot, the city would charge 9.5% sales tax, used to pay for more police officers, maintenance workers and a library. voters will be asked to hike the city's hotel tax to 14%, the increase would raise $2.4 million per used, used to fund infrastructure projects. >> christina loren says it will feel like florida hire. >> muggy, right? >> yeah. you don't have to walk outside. take a look at my hair. this is what happens when you get humidity in the bay area. i guarantee you, i'm not the only woman who doesn't like it. throughout the day today, we've got changes headed our way in the form of showers. be prepared for two differences to the day. comfortable when you walk out the door, get byes sans jacket but have something ready to go as you leave the office later on, when showers move in. expecting rain after 1:00 p.m. in the north bay. after 2:00 p.m. in the san francisco. after 3:00 p.m. for the east bay and the peninsula. south bay, we'll get our rain afte
expansion of earned income tax credit. 13.5 million workers would be eligible for $60 billion in credit. also included, billions for roads and rails, spending the white house says will bolster the economy. republicans say the president's budget is dead on arrival. they complain it runs up the nation's credit card without addressing long term debt. the 2014 primary season kicking off in texas with drama. attorney general greg abbott easily winning the republican primary a. he's the new gop nominee in more than one decade. he wants more freedom and less government. >> we must never forget that the rights that we have, they don't come from government. instead those rights come from god. >> democrats pinning their hopes on state senator wendy davis. she called her opponent defender of status quo. >> i'm ready to fight for you and to fight for every hardworking texan a across the state. >> another member of the bush family begins his political career with a win. george p bush, former son of jeb bush. one lieutenant governor dewhurst and the oldest serving member of the house is fighting for
while the number of overweight kids goes down. the first report that taxes raised from the sale of legal marijuana are in. it is wednesday, february 26th, "early today" starts right now. >>> good wednesday morning to you, i'm frances rivera. a major recall is expanding after deaths have doubled. it involved defective ignition switches in 1.6 general motors vehicles in the united states, canada and new mexico. that faulty switch can inadvertently turn off which shuts down the engine and most electrical components including air bag a systems needed in crashes. i want to you take a look at these models carefully because they include 2003 to 2007 saturn ions, 2006 to 2007 chevrolet hhrs, pontiac solstices and saturn sky models joining the already recalled 2005 to 2007 chevrolet cobalt and pontiac g5 sedans and the 2005 to 2007 pontiac pursuit sold in canada only. now in a statement gm's north america president says, quote, ensuring our customers' safety is our first order of business. we are deeply sorry, and we are working to address the issue as quickly as we can. gm will notify all affect
a ton in tax. >> don't have to return them. >> good news. >>> well, it's 6:26. overnight b.a.r.t. closure stretching past daybreak. hard to get out the door. the station shut down. mike inouye's going to look how to reroute your commute. >>> children scream for help as their pregnant mother drives straight into the surf in their minivan off the coast of florida. the struggle to save everybody inside the car. >>> san mateo bridge, traffic heavier than usual and there are so many problems in the east bay and b.a.r.t. system. again, we'll check traffic. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is smooth and precise on-road handling. this is easy-to-use off-road capability when you need it. this is seventy and counting safety and security features. ♪ this is total confidence and comfort. in the middle of crowds or in the middle of nowhere. this is the freedom to keep chasing all the horizons you want. introducing the all-new 2014 jeep cherokee. ♪ delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add some beef, sloppy joe sauce and cheese, fold it all up and boom! delicious unsloppy joes perfec
protect the business in our community that helps raise tax funds and keeps everything going. >> officers say a majority of the alarm calls they get are false alarms. >> the campus police officer who shot a man in the back near san jose state university says that the suspect was trying to attack his partner with a saw. according to the "mercury news," officer fritz van der hook and sergeant mike santos approached the suspect antonio guzman. guzman was carrying a 12-inch drywall saw when he refused to put it down van der hook tried to tase him but the taser misfired or missed and guzman reportedly went after him. the president of sjsu says santos behind the suspect shot guzman to protect his partner. the two officers were wearing cameras but have not said what or if anything the videos show. >> a candlelight vigil tonight to remember jenna betty, hit and killed by a train in martinez on sunday. betty an eighth-grader was reportedly sitting on the tracks with her boyfriend when a train approached. her boyfriend ran one way, she ran the other. a witness told investigators the girl dropped he
the business in our community that help raise tax funds and keeps everything going. >> officers say a majority of alarm calls they get are false alarms. >>> pleasanton police are looking for two men that robbed a liquor store. the suspects demanded the cash, and they ran to a get away vehicle. police released this video of the suspects. the one wearing a gray hoody and the other is in a black hoody holding a silver colored handgun. police also need help looking for an attempted burglary suspect. he attempted to break into a home on friday afternoon. he was caught on home surveillance video. she associated with this gold suv also spotted in the area. if you know him or have any information, please call fremont police. >> starting today you will see more security at the shark tank. there will be more security in place today through the stanley cup playoffs. small purses and bags will be all that's allowed inside. spectators are being asked to arrive earlier than normally they would. >> let the good times roll, they say. mardi gras in full swing. >>> the latest viral video making the rounds. shot
for the next fiscal year, the nearly $4 trillion plan aims to cut taxes for millions of working americans and increase credit for middle class families. >> supporters of a bottled water ban rallying ahead of a crucial vote by san francisco's board of supervisors. the rally which includes a blind taste test of tap water versus bottled water brands will be this afternoon on the steps of city hall before the board starts voting on the ban. the proposal would outlaw bottled water sales on city property starting in october for indoor events, then 2016 for outdoor events. it calls for more drinking fountains and water bottle refilling stations. >> men's warehouse could be close to a merge wer joseph a. bank. the two companies are exchanging confidential information and could reach deal later this week. joseph a. bank turned down men's warehouse before. the back and forth started in october when joseph a. bank made a fwid buy. >> kroger apparently approached safeway about buying up some of its stores. safeway has said it's considering a deal to plan to sell all of its stores. it's in talk with a
,000 in lost revenue to the hotel. and that itself results in almost $2,000 in local and state sales tax revenues lost. >> reporter: but with the tide turning, even republicans who supported and voted for the bill, like state senator steve pierce -- you didn't think it was targeting the lgbt community? >> not at all, no. >> reporter: they're now urging brewer to veto it. >> we made a mistake, and now we have to fix it. >> reporter: if the governor doesn't sign or veto the bill by the end of the week it becomes law automatically. still, this morning an aide to the governor said this bill was never part of her agenda, another hint that a veto is likely. brian? >> mike taibbi starting us off from phoenix tonight. mike, thanks. >>> now to a new fight that's erupted in public today over the end of the war in afghanistan. fed up and frustrated, the president of the united states issued an ultimatum to the president of afghanistan today. after 13 years of war, it affects how and when every american finally comes home. our pentagon correspondent jim administration chef ski is tonight traveling w
this week called on congress to overhaul the business tax code. >> revitalizing the system, it cannot be out sourced. >> reporter: but a divided congress is unlikely to go along. meanwhile, the nation's roads and bridges continue to take a pounding, tom costello, washington. nbc news. >>> when nbc nightly news continues on this saturday, a first, football players at a major university tries to unionize. >>> and later, what hollywood hopes will be a big draw at the box office. with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza has not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza is not insulin. do not take victoza if you ha
the earned income tax credit, one of the most popular credits for the working poor. but the proposal will have a short shelf life. republicans who control the house are also voicing their disagreements with many ideas. house speaker john boehner says these early details prove the president was never serious in addressing the nation's long-term debt. >>> political news outside washington today, today is primary day in several states which officially kicks off the 2014 midterm season. perhaps the most high profile race of the day is in texas. state senator wendy davis is expected to grab the democratic nomination for governor. analysts will be looking at results to see there is any way democrats can win come november in a deeply red state. >>> this morning, there are bad numbers for both parties. nearly seven in ten americans say republicans are out of touch with their needs. this from a new washington post abc news poll that puts the gop well below mark for the democrats. on the issue, democrats hold a slight edge when it comes to helping the middle class and health care policy. voter
raise tax funds and keeps everything going. >> reporter: the department says an overwhelming majority of alarm calls are false alarms, wasting valuable police time. >> that's what i'm trying to do. >> reporter: councilman whose running for major puyor pulled this ad urging voters to attend tuesday's counsel meeting where they will debate a referendum allocating much of the money to police. >> more police on patrol, technology, equipment, whatever the police chief would deem is necessary to fight crime in san jose. >> i just need one cop to respond. >> reporter: a sentiment being shared but may not be realistic under the current policy. police have not arrested a suspect in this case. looks like the folks working over time are supposed to close at 6:00. on that proposal, the mayor said in the past that that would be at the cost of cutting hours for libraries and community centers. we're live in south san jose. >> thanks, damion. >>> police are hoping someone reck hognizes this man. investigators say he tried to break into a home and a car friday afternoon. police are looking for the sm
plan will cut taxes for 13 1/2 million working americans while expanding the child and dependent care tax credit to help families afford child care. the president's blueprint also proposes cuts to army and national guard personnel. political analysts believe the president's budget is unlikely to get far in congress. >>> a utility worker is recovering this morning after being trapped for four hours in a 14-foot deep trench. three workers were replacing a sewer line in portland, oregon, when a utility trench there collapsed. two workers managed to escape, but the third became buried. they uncovered the trapped man's fay, allowing him to breathe. a team of fire and rescue personnel worked to get him out. finally they moved a hoist into place and were able to lift him to safety. he has serious, but nonlife-threatening injuries. >>> a night to remember for the nba's biggest star, miami's lebron james still wearing that protective mask far broken nose was red hot monday night as the heat took on charlotte's bobcats. james hit shot after shot after shot, finishing with a career high of 61 po
,000 of lost revenue to the hotel. and that itself results in almost $2,000 in local and state sales tax revenues lost. >> estimates are it's not thousands but untold millions at stake if the bill becomes law and triggers corporate and tourist flight especially lgbt. >> this is a proposal that will send tourists away and their dollars. >> reporter: that's why companies like apple and american airlines are urging a veto like john mccain and mitt romney and even state republican senators including steve pierce who supported and voted for the bill and have now changed their minds. >> we made a mistake and now we've got to fix it. >> overnight, governor brewer tweeted, i assure you as always, i'll do the right thing for the state of arizona. if governor brewer does veto the bill, conservative talkers like rush limbaugh say they know who is to blame. >> you're being bullied by the homosexual lobby in arizona and elsewhere. >> many of those in this church agree. >> where does it stop? >> reporter: now it's up to the governor. now, the governor has been careful to not tip her hand. but one of h
. >> there is no sales tax in this city of portland, except on hotels and car rentals. >> portland, oregon. >> i agree with her. >> she's smarter than you. >> i didn't know that. >> yes, it is. this bear shown as a full screen broke into an elementary school south of which portland? >> maine. >> you are the smartest girl in the room. >> that's because fred is not here! fred is zoned out. >> wait, wait, i vote that one is oregon. >> and you're wrong. >> again! >> all right. well, anyway, kids, the new season of "portlandia" kicks off tonight on ifc. thanks, guys. >> thanks so much, you guys. get ready for the big close-up, the amazing results of today's "ambush makeover." >> and how three real women are going to get to look in the mirror and say i love myself. >> what does that mean, real women? >> you know, real. not fake. not mannequins. >> oh. right after this. it'thinking about tomorrow.dy which is why he's investing in his heart health by eating kellogg's raisin bran®. not only is kellogg's raisin bran® heart healthy it's a delicious source of potassium. ♪ mom make you eat that? i happen to li
box. >> if you're itemizing the taxes and all of that, as well. >> how about this one, called mint, the oldest member of the group but helps you track your money. >> mint is great for this all-inclusive spending. it tracks your spending, tracks your budget, allows you to take goals. set a goal for college. you can see your investment accounts. all your assets, all of your liabilities. it shows you what you've been spending in certain categories. and then when it comes tax time, which we're coming up on, you can search by expenses, which is really great because then, again, you don't -- and this actually also works with shoe box. if you were taking those photos with shoe box, pull that information into mint. >> i love that. and this next one is going to help you with taxes. turbo taxes, a lot of people have software but now the app, as well. and this allows you to file straight from your phone? >> exactly, right from your phone. and one of the great things about this is you can use this product called snap text. so you, again, snap a picture of your w-2, just hold it straight in fro
to cut taxes for more than 13 million working americans and increase credit for middle class families to cover child care and college costs. the plan is not expected to gain much traction in congress. >> futures sharply higher after stocks suffered their worst day in a month monday. the crisis in ukraine over145dowing personal income and spending. oil prices are down on news that putin ordered troops taking part in military exercises near you crane back to bases. the dow had been down as much as 250 points but closed off 153 points to 16, 168 t nasdaq to 4277. back to you. >> thank you. >> the fcc fined three media giants nearly $2 million for running ads for the movie olympus has fallen. one uses the same emergency warning tones heard during actual alerts and images of the white house blog up flashing words this is not a test. it has fined for running the commercials. all three companies have 30 days to pay the fines. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. the showers are coming in, they are not very heavy, though, as
. they actually called a tax tee rescue them from the situation. >> we were talking to your cab driver. looks like you got stuck in the water. are you okay? >> yeah, we're wook. >> did you drive in not knowing? call a cab. we're glad you're safe. >> thank you. >> reporter: when i see fun beads like that you think maybe they were coming from somewhere fun. i can't imagine a bigger buzz kill than to lose your car like that in deep water. it is a warning for folks that maybe haven't left the house yet heading out into this stormy weather now. we have a respite but huge puddles all over. i know mike inouye is watching that closely. 87 south, as you can see getting by very slowly on that shoulder. the only good news about that this is the reverse commute. less people heading in. so a little bit of respite there, overall very dangerous. we saw this and tow trucks going by almost every 15 minutes. so a tough situation if you're commuting. peggy bunker, "today in the bay." >> i want to check in with ris tina. it was really coming down. >> dangerous. getting to work this morning is going to be a mission. y
. some people would see a tax increase of more than $3. the boundaries include san mateo and santa clara but not san jose. the agency created to stop urban sprawl in silicon valley. >>> one south bay city talking about bringing back a popular fireworks show for the fourth of july. >> if you missed jimmy fallon you missed a lip sync battle. take a look. ♪ be a jukebox hero a jukebox hero ♪ ♪ stars in his eyes ♪ ♪ having a good time having a good time through the sky like a tiger the gravity♪ >>> downtown san jose in talks to bring back its once annual fireworks show. santa clara county board of supervisors approved a request to explore the possibility of bringing it back. one supervisor says the show would help cut down on the use of illegal fireworks in the city. event scrapped in 2009 because of budget cuts. impressive, though. >>> coming back, blue angels expected to fly again at the fleet week. video of the jets flying a few years ago. had to cancel appearance last year because of government shutdown. representatives for the u.s. navy jet team will be at oakland at noon wh
a tax on the hillsides so we are watching for possibly slippage for mudslides and rods and rocks. we're tracking all of that. im. >>> looking toward palo alto, smooth drive from 101. not a problem northbound with those headlights. basically from palo alto all the way to san mateo, smooth drive. coming off of the bay bridge, flowing. >>> 5:27. freemont intersection is shut down. the 4-year-old girl is in the hospital as a result. bob redell is at that scene. he'll have a live report next. >>> tragic story. plus, a south bay college campus on alert after a string of armed robberies over the weekend. what campus police are now telling us. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ >>> we continue to follow breaking news in freemont wher
, definitely. >> you're right. >> there is no sales tax in this city of portland, except on hotels and car rentals? >> portland, oregon. >> i agree with her. >> i didn't know that. >> yes, it is. this bear shown as a full screen broke into a elementary school south of which portland? >> maine. >> you're the smartest. that's because fred is not here. fred is zoned out. >> wait, wait, i vote that one is oregon. >> and you're wrong. >> again! >> all right. well, anyway, kids, the new season of "portlandia" kicks off tonight". >> thank you, guys. >>> the amazing results of today's "ambush makeover." >> and how three real women are going to get to look in the mirror and say i love myself. >> what does that mean, real women? >> you know, real. not fake. not mannequins. >> right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever, you kept the midnight watch. infants' tylenol® reduces fever and pain while being gentle on the tummy. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. infants' tylenol®. after their new artisan grilled chicken ciabatta sandwich goes down, productivity goe
terrific -- our legendary local analyst at wnbc always tells me, al, you have the celebrity tax. >> you do. >> people -- even though you're not a celebrity, they do know you. >> they absolutely do. >> you'd better overtip. >> err on the side -- >> err on the side of caution. >> our control room is obviously bored with this and said move on. >> they said are you going to give me a tip if. >> i've got a tip for you, stop talking to me. >> you've got a check of the weather, roker. >> let's show you what we've got going on. and for saturday, it's going to be frigid in the plains. that storm system making its way east. we've got snow through the pacific northwest. sunny and cold along the eastern seaboard. then sunday, we've got a mess coming. a risk of strong storms, icy conditions, snowy as you get into the midwest, and that continues to push into the east on into monday. that's what's going on around the >>> good morning, 9:32 the time right now. rain continues to fall but it is very spotty right now. you can see we're still finding showers off of the coast and lightning from time to time. k
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23